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Preserving History: Why Professional House Clearance Matters

Here at Ashton Mill, we know that clearing a house can be an emotional and overwhelming task. But sometimes, it can also lead to unexpected discoveries, like the incredible one made by Just Clear in London.

During a routine house clearance, their team stumbled upon two seemingly ordinary computers hidden beneath a pile of boxes. What they didn't realise was that they had just unearthed two of the world's first desktop computers, the Q1! These rare machines, launched in 1972, were pivotal in paving the way for modern computers.

1972 Q1 desktop computer, front view
(Image: © Just Clear / SWNS)

This remarkable find highlights the importance of using a professional house clearance company. While these computers were initially thought to be "nice pieces of 1970s computing history," Just Clear's expertise and commitment to responsible disposal led them to investigate further, ultimately revealing their true significance.

Imagine if these historic artefacts had been mistakenly discarded by inexperienced individuals! By choosing Ashton Mill House Clearance, you can rest assured that your belongings will be handled with care and respect. Our trained and insured professionals are equipped to identify and handle valuable items appropriately, ensuring that they are preserved or disposed of responsibly.

So, if you're planning a house clearance, don't take any chances. Contact us on 01225 690011 or and let us help you navigate the process with peace of mind. Together, we can ensure that hidden treasures don't get lost to history.

1972 Q1 desktop computer, keyboard close up
(Image: © Just Clear / SWNS)
1972 Q1 desktop computer, side view
(Image: © Just Clear / SWNS)


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