Property Clearance

-  Sensitive and confidential material

-  Antiques and specialist collectable items

-  Furniture and white goods

-  Waste disposal - general, hazardous and special waste

-  Large and heavy items - pianos, stair lifts and garage machinery

Houses    -    Flats    -    Bungalows    -    Gardens    -    Sheds    -    Lofts    -    Garages    -    Commercial Property    -    Storage Units​


How can we help?


We are able to help with absolutely everything from your most valued family heirloom to the inevitable pile of junk that we all accumulate somewhere within our property!


All within one easy, fully licensed and insured service.

Once your house has been cleared we will also sweep up and leave your property looking clean and tidy – especially important for valuation and resale purposes.


No job is too big or too small, and with one phone call we can look after everything.

The process of a property clearance

The cost of a property clearance and the amount of time it takes is dependent on the amount, and type, of items that you have. It is difficult to give an accurate quote without seeing the property, or at least having a detailed chat with you beforehand, which is why we are always happy to visit and provide a free written quotation


we are happy to talk through the process with you and arrange a time to visit the property for an assessment.


Alternatively if you only have a few items to clear you can email photographs to and we will reply with advice promptly.

Book a Clearance Quote  |  Tel: 01225 690011

Thank you, we will contact you as soon as possible.