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Save money, avoid paying auction fees!

When selling your valuable item your first thought may be to send it to auction, but what most people forget is that some auction houses charge 20% or more in sellers commission. This means that if your antique table sells for the £500 that you were hoping for, you could end up paying the auction house £100 commission, plus additional internet selling fees, lot fees, photography fees, and insurance fees! You could easily only end up with three-quarters of what it sold for, or less! Don’t forget that you may also have to pay for transport to get that table to auction, so your net result could be a lot less than what you had hoped for – and that’s assuming it sells and reaches a good price (not guaranteed).

What if it doesn’t sell? You may need to spend time agreeing new terms with the auction house, and in a worst case scenario, pay more money to have your unsold item transported back to you.

To save you the hassle and risk, we regularly offer to buy items directly at a fair market rate.


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