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Removals Survival Guide

Moving home can be daunting at times but with a little planning and preparation you can make the entire process run smoothly. Here are a few of our key steps to help you along the way:

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You’ve decided to sell your house, congratulations! The first step is to make your home look its best for the estate agent valuation and photographs. We recommend taking this opportunity to declutter your rooms of any unwanted items and furniture, you’ll thank yourself later when it’s time to move! Start by sorting your wardrobes, if it doesn’t fit or you haven’t worn it in the past year, get rid of it. We recommend taking clothing to a charity donation bank or recycling centre.

When you have found your new home, check that your current furniture will fit in the space, if not sell or recycle it. This can be quite time consuming, if you simply do not have the time or need help we offer a decluttering service for unwanted items and furniture and we endeavour to donate, recycle, or sell as much as possible to avoid waste.

Early packing

Once your house has sold, start preparing straight away, although you may have a few months, your moving date will creep up on you quickly. Start by getting a few boxes and packing up items which aren’t used daily. This will give you peace of mind and make the move feel less overwhelming as the weeks go on.


Get removal, packing and storage (if required) quotes and book early! These companies usually need a few weeks’ notice and can become fully booked very quickly.

Top tip: always check their reviews to ensure that your items will be transported carefully and efficiently. You can view our reviews here and fill out our online form for a quick removals quote.


As soon as you’ve agreed on a moving date inform your current utility suppliers and subscription services. Also remember to add yourself to the electoral register at your new home and update your ID.

Receiving Mail

Make sure that you receive all your mail throughout your move by setting up a redirection with the Royal Mail starting on your moving date. This will protect you from identity fraud and missed bills.

Final preparations

In the days leading up to your move reduce the amount of food you need to take with you by eating as much as possible. You may need to get creative with your ingredients! Pack a bag of essentials for moving day, giving you easy access to drinks, snacks and toiletries.

At Ashton Mill we offer decluttering, removals, packing, storage and delivery solutions which are tailored to your needs with attention to detail and a quality of service. If you require any help or advice, contact us: / 01225 690011


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